Welcome to the web site of the Election Commissioners’ Association of Mississippi. Representing all 82 counties in the state, we are here to serve the people of Mississippi in public service. An election commissioner’s job is extremely important. With the ever-growing poll numbers and changes in society, we work together to help bring Mississippi together.

News & Viewpoints

President’s Perspective – June 2015

Monday, June 15th 2015
Mississippi State Capitol Building

After our two training classes, we have received numerous e-mails about how it helped with purging the rolls. An example of these e-mails was received by Danny after one of his classes: Just wanted to thank ya’ll for the recent class on purging and tell you of our results so far. We had 51 people over 100 yoa and have purged 42. We have purged 210 people between the ages of 90-99. We plan to… read more

President’s Perspective – February 2015

Saturday, February 21st 2015
Mississippi State Capitol Building

As I complete my first month as your president, I believe that we have three main pressing issues that warrant consideration. First: The location of our annual convention site: I have appointed a committee to review alternative convention sites and report to the ECAM board at our next meeting. Visits to alternative sites are being conducted, so we will have information on alternative locations. Second: Election of ECAM officers. There is a need for our by-laws to be updated/changed… read more

President’s Perspective – July 2014

Tuesday, July 8th 2014
Mississippi State Capitol Building

Another election cycle is at hand for ECAM. This January we will elect a new group of officers and board members to serve for the next two years. It is vitally important for members to start asking other and thinking who you would like for these important positions. I have enjoyed serving you for the last four years and have accomplished what I think is some very important milestones for our members and the election… read more

President’s Perspective – April 2014

Tuesday, April 15th 2014
Mississippi State Capitol Building

The 2015 Training Seminar/Convention will host an election for all offices in ECAM.  Now is the time for all ECAM members to be thinking about the direction we need to go. Consider potential leaders that would be effective in promoting all areas of our important group.  The April meeting of your Board of Directors will produce a nominating committee just for the purpose of recommending a slate of people to be considered for election in… read more